YouTube will start showing ads on all videos

With the announcement made by Youtube, it has announced that it will also place ads on the videos of channels that are not members of the YouTube Partner Program as of June 1. 

YouTube announced that it will place ads on the videos of channels that are not in the YouTube Partner Program or have monetization enabled as of June 1 . At the same time, no payment will be made to these channel owners without fulfilling certain criteria .

No payment will be made to those who are not members of the affiliate program

Previously, ads were only placed on videos from affiliate program members . These, too, were popular bloggers and content creators. Users who have less than a thousand subscribers in the last 12 months and have a total of 4000 hours of watch time cannot subscribe to this program. Members of the program, on the other hand, get a share from these income .

YouTube generally launched tests for monetization of all videos in the United States in November 2020 . This application will now spread to users all over the world. In addition , the rules will come into effect as channel owners who earn from advertising must also submit their tax returns to the  Google Adsense portal .

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