YouTube will hide dislikes at the bottom of videos

YouTube is preparing to hide the number of dislikes under videos. The company has announced that it will test such a feature to protect content creators from negativity.

Popular video sharing platform YouTube has announced that it will test some new features. The company plans to hide the number of dislikes at the bottom of the videos. The first trial will be held with a small group of users in the coming weeks.

YouTube management said it will test this feature in response to creators’ feedback about dislike campaigns. Because it is seen that some videos have been attacked by dislike recently.

Will be visible in YouTube Studio

In addition, some users approach videos with a high number of dislikes with bias and close them without watching them. The company is currently testing several interfaces that eliminate the dislikes count. If good feedback is received, the number of dislikes will be hidden in all videos.

However, content creators will still be able to see the exact likes and dislikes numbers through YouTube Studio. YouTube did not reveal any details about which countries the new feature will be tested in.

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