YouTube to provide $ 100 million funding to Shorts content creators

The era of making money by producing content for YouTube Shorts begins. The company will provide fund support to users who produce popular and original content with a fund of $ 100 million announced. 

YouTube to provide $ 100 million funding to Shorts content creators - AronBoss

Aiming to attract more people to the platform, YouTube announced the $ 100 million YouTube Shorts Fund to pay content creators who make popular videos in its new short-form video feature Shorts.

Make money on YouTube Shorts

Although short videos have been in our lives for many years, the popularity of TikTok has recently attracted the attention of other social media applications. Later, many applications introduced short-form video features specific to their platforms. With the increasing competition, companies have started to announce funds to attract more users.

Finally, he said that the new fund announced by YouTube will pay thousands of content creators each month for videos in Shorts that attract the most attention of viewers. Payments will begin in the coming months, and content creators will continue to be paid in 2022.

Shorts Fund , only the YouTube Partner Program ‘s not limited to the creators. All creators will be eligible for a share of the fund if they create original content for the platform and adhere to the Community Guidelines, but the company said a detailed plan will be announced later.

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