Xiaomi introduced the 5.5 cm thick ultra-thin robot vacuum cleaner

The Chinese technology manufacturer introduced the robot vacuum called Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin. The device has a record-breaking thickness of 5.5 cm and is designed to fit under low furniture. 

Xiaomi has announced its new robot vacuum cleaner , whose basic feature is thin and can even clean under furniture where the distance from the floor is small . Despite its small size, the Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a powerful engine and even supports wet cleaning .

The robot vacuum cleaner is only 5.5 cm thick and far thinner than most competitors. The compact body contains a motor that provides up to 2000 Pa suction power and the capacity of the waste container is 500 ml. Moreover, the manufacturer even managed to perform the wet cleaning function with the 220 ml water tank .

It was on sale for $ 311

For navigation , the robot is equipped with a ToF sensor that allows it to estimate the distance to objects . In addition, the device uses the new S-Cross 3D algorithm. It is stated that the vacuum cleaner can recognize very small objects such as children’s toys or slippers to prevent collision with them . The device is controlled using the Mi Home mobile app or XiaoAI voice assistant.

Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner is available in China with a price tag of $ 311 . The device is expected to be offered to other markets in the coming months .

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