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Xiaomi comes to rival Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Xiaomi plans to add new models with different form factors to its foldable phone portfolio. Patent images of the device designed by the Chinese brand as a competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip have emerged.

Xiaomi introduced its first foldable phone, the Mi Mix Fold , at the end of last March . However, the company will not be limited to this. New models are on the way . Images of one of them appeared in the records of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Patent images show a foldable smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr 5G . The device, referred to as the Xiaomi Flip , has a “clamshell” form factor. So it can be folded in half.

Hints from the images

The device has dual camera sensors on the front and back . On the back panel, we also see that there is a small screen . On the right are the power button and volume control buttons. At the bottom, there is the USB Type-C port, the SIM card slot and the speaker grille.

The phone looks pretty thin . From this we can conclude that the battery capacity will not be very high. There is no information about the technical specifications of Xiaomi Flip yet. We will see when the Chinese brand will realize this design in the future.

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