Xiaomi accelerates electric car project: May start in April

Bir süredir elektrikli otomobilini geliştirdiği söylenen Çinli teknoloji üreticilerinden Xiaomi, gelen haberlere göre bu projeye hız vermiş durumda.

According to new information, Xiaomi quickly started working on its own electric car project. This development was explained to investors by Lei Jun, the head of the company.

It was initially reported that the person leading the project would be Xiaomi’s CEO, but now sources claim that Wang Chuan, the company’s strategy director, will be responsible for the project. Wang Chuan has been with Xiaomi since 2012. He managed to successfully set up the company’s TV business from scratch and as a result was very successful. It is also stated that the company is looking for employees with experience in the automotive industry.

Will be released in 2025 at the earliest

It is not thought that Xiaomi will create a car from scratch. Apparently, it will be based on the model of one of the Chinese manufacturers. Following these reports, the company’s shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange increased by 2.6%. At the end of February 2021, sources reported that Xiaomi was planning to create its own electric car. According to the report, the company has made the final strategic decision to enter a new market.

Some experts are sure that Xiaomi has decided to develop an electric car due to the stagnation in the smartphone market. Near-firm sources state that Xiaomi will launch its electric car by 2025 at the earliest.

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