Xbox-themed sneakers from Microsoft and Adidas are coming


After Sony and Nike, Microsoft and Adidas started preparations to launch console-themed sneakers. The first model that reflects the Xbox style will be released next month.

Sony and Nike recently released a PlayStation 5 -themed sneakers. A similar collaboration comes from Microsoft and Adidas . Two giant companies rolled up their sleeves to offer Xbox -themed sneakers.

According to the first information transmitted sneakers that Ready to be released in piyasaya. New models will arrive in October and November. Of course, there is a possibility that these dates may change according to the course of events.

Image of the first model revealed

The image of the first Xbox-themed sneakers, which will be released soon, has leaked to the internet. The model, which is predominantly black, seems to have a very ordinary design.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that this image shows a product that is still under development . The appearance of the final version may differ . All sneakers will come in black and green boxes with Xbox logos on them. There is no information about the price yet.


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