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Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to PC and iOS tomorrow

Microsoft’s streaming game service on the cloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming, will be released tomorrow for PC and iOS. It will offer services to limited players during the beta phase.

Xbox Cloud Gaming service is officially coming to PC and iOS platforms. According to the official announcement made by Microsoft today, Cloud Gaming will begin beta tests on PC and iOS as of tomorrow ( April 20 ). It was stated that the service will be offered to limited users in the beta.

Making a statement on the subject, Microosft official Catherine Gluckstein said, “As of tomorrow, selected Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will start to send invitations to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which they can use on Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets. or Safari browsers to enjoy more than 100 Xbox Game Pass games. ” used the expressions.

Cloud Gaming will serve via the Safari browser on the iOS platform . Microsoft had to follow a different path in order to bring the service to iOS due to the restrictions imposed by Apple in the App Store.

Providing services in 22 countries

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service is currently available in 22 countries. Microsoft had made Cloud Gaming part of its Game Pass Ultimate subscription. So not only Cloud Gaming is purchased. However, this is a normal situation as the game library consists almost entirely of Game Pass games.

Thanks to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, you can stream over 100 quality games over the cloud. Microsoft places great emphasis on mobile platforms here. The biggest goal of the company is to add mobile gamers to the Xbox and Game Pass family thanks to Cloud Gaming. For example, games such as FIFA 20, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4 can now be played on the Android platform, and tests will start on iOS as of tomorrow.

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