WordPress Post Editor Problem and Solution Steps


Solution Trial – 1

First of all, this problem can be caused by the Wp-Config.php file. The following lines of code you add here may solve your problem. This is the first method you can try. Without breaking the Ko structure, enter your Wp-Config.php file from FTP and back it up on your computer. Then add the codes below just below the definition definitions, save and re-enter hosting from FTP and save on top.

define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );
define( ‘COMPRESS_SCRIPTS’, false );
define( ‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true );

Solution Trial – 2

If Solution Attempt – 1 did not work for you in solving this problem, you should try Solution 2. Here we will remind you of a flawed flagging that you may have made, even by mistake. When you log in from the wp-admin panel, hover over your username in the Top Right Corner and click on “edit profile” once.

Then check the Visual editor “Do not use visual text editor while typing” box on the screen that will appear and update the profile. Actually, this setting is for WordPress administrators who can’t use a visual text editor. Sometimes we may not be aware of the arrangement we made here. Personally, I prefer to use the text type. However, if the main problem is that the toolbars in both Visual and Text editors are not displayed, you need to go to Solution Trial – 3 step.

Solution Trial – 3

As we mentioned above, if your add media button is not working and your toolbars are missing, there are some adjustments to make. Personally, I just realized that this was my problem and fixed the problem. Some plugins you use in WordPress break the post editor. I even noticed that. When I first installed the plugin there was no problem. Then I installed the WordPress update and that is what happened. In other words, the fact that the new WordPress version and the old plugin are in between affects our post editor.

So which plugin does this? How can we find it? Enter the plugins panel. From there, disable the add-ons one by one. After each disabling process, enter the text insertion panel and refresh. You will see that when you disable the problematic plugin, the problem will be solved. I also caused this plugin called Pie Register. So let’s give up on this problematic plugin? I think wait 1-2 weeks. Already the plug-in manufacturer will notice this and send updates accordingly. Good luck with.

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