With the new update of Windows 10, “floating menus” will be available

One of the innovations that will come with Sun Valley, the next major version of Windows 10, will be floating menus that are not linked to the taskbar.

software engineer with the pseudonym TheXamlGuy on Twitter found traces of a new design called ” floating ” in the Windows 10 build for testers, and showed how the new menus would appear on the system .

To be used system wide

Windows 10 ‘s appearance will change to smoother animations and rounded shapes, and app windows and menus will have rounded corners . In the screenshots you can see that the drop-down menu is no longer linked to the taskbar but instead stands separately.

This similar style in the new Windows 10 update, codenamed Sun Valley , scheduled for this fall, will be used everywhere . It is also stated that some elements of this design will appear in the new Windows 10X designed for tablets and low-cost laptops .

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