With Android 12, screenshots won’t be automatically uploaded to Google Photos

The problem of automatically adding screenshots to Google Photos, faced by many Android device owners, will be solved with Android 12. 

On Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and a few other Android devices, it was often unwelcome to users to back up every screenshot and screen recording automatically to Google Photos . According to the information revealed, Google,Android 12 will find a solution to this situation with.

Screen shots can be backed up optionally

Screenshots of some Android device user using Google Photos to back up their photos and videos are also backed up. The underlying reason for this situation is that all photos and videos on the devices are stored in the DCIM folder in the internal memory. Since Google Photos uses this folder directly when backing up, screenshots are also automatically backed up.

According to XDA Developers , this will change with Android 12 . Screenshots and screen recordings will be collected in Screenshots, a subfolder of the Pictures folder, while new discoveries, camera-captured photos and videos continue to be saved to DCIM.

Nevertheless, users who want to back up their screenshots will be able to backup from the Settings section of the Google Photos application.

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