Windows 10X operating system release delayed

Microsoft has postponed the release date of the new operating system it has been working on for a long time. It is reported that Windows 10X will be available in the second half of this year.

Late last year, there were numerous rumors that Microsoft was planning to release the Windows 10X operating system in the first half of 2021. However, according to the latest information, the software giant decided to postpone this date.

Windows Central editor Zac Bowden said the release of the Windows 10X operating system was delayed to the second half of this year. According to Bowden, the company does not want to launch the new operating system before it is fully ready.

Will there be Win32 application support?

Postponing the release date may suggest to some of you whether there will be a new development in Win32 application support. Unfortunately, Windows 10X won’t offer such a feature in the first place. Instead, the company plans to highlight Windows Virtual Desktop and Cloud PC solutions for Win32 applications.

Windows 10X was introduced in October 2019 as an operating system designed for dual-screen devices such as the Microsoft Surface Neo. After the launch of the Surface Neo was delayed indefinitely, the company redesigned Windows 10X for classic single-screen laptops.

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