WhatsApp’s new privacy policy may cause it to be removed from the App Store

 According to experts, WhatsApp violates App Store guidelines by limiting functionality for users who do not agree to the new privacy agreement. 

WhatsApp’s controversial new privacy policy, which took effect on May 15, 2021 , will limit functions in the app, such as access to the contact / chat list and the app’s primary screen , if users do not agree to the privacy policy .

Apple has not yet taken action on the issue

If the user continues to refuse to accept , he will eventually lose access to calls and will no longer receive notifications , making the app practically unusable . Therefore, these actions of WhatsApp are not allowed under the App Store guidelines (App Store guideline: 3.2.2 vi) . This may result in the app being removed from the App Store or developer accounts being terminated according to Apple’s policies .

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy allows the company to share data such as your phone number and transaction activity with WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook . However, this does not mean that WhatsApp or Facebook can view or edit your messages in the app , as all conversations are protected by end-to-end encryption .

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