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WeWalk project named initiative of the year

The WeWalk smart walking stick initiative crowned its 5-year adventure this week with the best initiative of the year award. WeWalk, which also makes our country proud, continues to work for the better.

WeWalk smart walking stick initiative, which represented our country by participating in the Amazon platform’s best initiative of the year competition, achieved a proud success. The best initiative of the year is now the WeWalk project. 

What is WeWalk?

WeWalk , which was awarded by the GSMA Association and the MIT Institute, emerged while looking for ways to make life easier for the visually impaired. Thanks to its ultrasound-based sensor, WeWalk detects obstacles within a certain distance and warns its user with vibration motors on both sides. Obstacles such as signboards, poles, and tree branches that may come in front of the chest and head can be easily overcome.

WeWalk , which has a Bluetooth chip, can be connected to smartphones and has wider functions. Thanks to the touchpad on it, remote control of the smartphone are possible. This feature is currently only supported by the Android app. On Android and iOS devices, the touchpad, vibration motors, ultrasonic sensor, compass, and LEDs can be remotely controlled or accessed.

WeWalk, which was accepted as one of the top 5 startups by Amazon, later participated in the best startup competition. Although voting was done via Amazon UK, the WeWalk initiative managed to take the rope. 

WeWalk, which thanked the platforms that did not spare their support from social media, including our site, deserved a prize of 100 thousand dollars. The initiative will use this award to deliver the cane to more visually impaired people. 

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