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Western Digital will speed up 5G phones

Developed by Western Digital, the iNAND MC EU551 memory solution meets JEDEC UFS 3.1 standards while aiming for a 90 percent increase in sustained writes.

Manufacturers are also increasing their investments for the 5G standard, which is expected to create a market of 200 trillion dollars in the next 5 years. Western Digital is targeting 5G phones with second-generation UFS 3.1 memory. 

What does the WD iNAND MC EU551 offer?

With 5G technology, communication speeds will reach record levels, which will lead to the spread of virtual reality, 8K video resolution or ultra-high-definition recording devices. As a result, high-performance storage solutions will be needed. 

WD iNAND MC EU551 memory solution is included in second generation UFS 3.1 storage solutions and is produced for 5G supported smartphones. Offering 100 percent increase in random read performance and 40 percent increase in write performance, the solution also provides 90 percent increase in continuous writing. The solution includes faster NAND modules, controller and software such as Write Boost, Host Performance Booster 2.0. 

The integrated UFS 3.1 memory solution, whose sampling continues, is expected to begin volume production by July. The memory will be offered in 128GB-256GB-512GB capacity options. 

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