Voice transfer is possible even at very low speeds with Google Lyra

2G connections are still used extensively in continents such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. Google stepped in for these infrastructures that can offer dial-up modem class speeds.

Today, we are talking about 5G speeds, but still a significant part of the world has to use 4G and even 2G / 3G infrastructures. This requires internet-based platforms to produce solutions. Google Lyra is one of them.

What is Google Lyra?

Google Lyra is an innovative codec technology that was introduced last month. This codec aims to provide sound transmission as naturally as possible and using the smallest data.

Google has trained the machine learning system it uses in its technology infrastructure with thousands of hours of voice covering approximately 70 languages. Regardless of the 2G networks to the fastest networks, Google Lyra only offers 90ms latency.

Lyra will first be tested on the Google Duo Android app. Google Duo is expected to deliver a quality transfer in regions of Brazil and India using 2G infrastructure. Google has also made its Lyra programming interface open source. Thus, many Android applications will be able to use Lyra technology.

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