Valve’s successful game Portal’s movie is coming

After years of rumors about a movie adaptation of Valve’s popular game Portal, JJ Abrams has confirmed that they are currently working on the movie. 

Portal ‘s movie , one of the most popular productions in the game world, published by Valve , was announced years ago. However, after the announcement, there was not much news from the movie. There was good news for those who were waiting for the movie.

Portal’s Movie Still In Development

JJ Abrams , one of the popular names in the cinema world  , talked about the movie Portal in an interview. He said that a script is ready for the movie Portal right now , and eventually something started to go right for the movie . This means that after 8 years since the announcement, something will begin to do for the film at the end.

Unfortunately, no other details about the Portal movie have been shared. However, we can easily say that we will not be able to see it for the next 2 years . Additionally, JJ Abrams added that they are not currently actively involved in the movie Half Life. It seems like we will not be able to see Half Life for a long time.

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