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Valve launches art competition for CS:GO

CS: GO, one of the most popular games in the world, offers players an opportunity to contribute to the game. Details and awards of Valve’s competition are in our news.

Valve announced that it has organized a new competition for CS:GO. Valve, who wants to bring new weapon skins to CS: GO, asks players for help. The theme of the skins has been determined as Dreams and Nightmares, and 10 producer champions will be selected as a result of the competition. Each of the 10 winners will be awarded $100,000 in prize money.

The rules are pretty relaxed.

The rules of the competition are left quite relaxed. Each competitor can participate in the competition with as many designs as they want. So, you will have the chance to try as many times as you want. You can also participate in the competition as a team or alone. However, in order to participate, your Steam account must not have been penalized and you must have spent at least $5 on Steam.

The designs of the winners of the competition will be added to the game, but Valve states that the weapon designs will still be yours and you can use them wherever you want. You can participate in the competition through the Steam Workshop, where mods, maps, and many other crazy things have been installed on Steam for a long time. The last day to enter the competition is October 21 and the results will be announced on November 21.

It is very pleasing news for the players that Valve offers such an opportunity to the players and the game world. The skins that will be added to the game as a result of the competition will look very nice and will probably be quite expensive as they will be selected from hundreds of skins. You can get more detailed information on Valve’s tweet.

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