USA allocates $ 10 billion to provide internet for everyone

A $ 10 billion budget has been allocated for citizens whose income is below a certain level to access the Internet and to purchase computer products from schools and libraries. 

The US government, which announced a 1.9 trillion dollar recovery plan in order not to affect the citizens during the pandemic period, also allocated an important share for the spread of the internet. A total budget of 10 billion dollars was prepared in order to eliminate the inequality.

10 billion dollar internet package

The first program, called Emergency Broadband Support , has a budget of $ 3.2 billion. Any citizen who can prove that they have an income below a certain percentage of the federal poverty line will be offered a $ 50 monthly internet subscription discount. In areas with difficult access, this amount is determined as $ 75. In addition, a one-time discount of $ 100 is offered for PC or tablet products under certain conditions.

The second program, called the Emergency Connection Fund , has a budget of $ 7.17 billion. The conditions are determined in the program, which is carried out in order to reach the computer product, modem or broadband internet services needed by schools and libraries. 

The program and other broadband support, designed to ensure that 17 million children who do not have access to fast internet service within the borders of the USA, do not fall behind from distance education, will be valid until the pandemic is over. It is stated that the program, in which around 800 service providers participated, will be abolished after the pandemic.

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