US to penalize social media platforms that censor politicians

According to the new law decision signed in Florida, USA, social media platforms that impose a ban on political candidates will be fined up to 250 thousand dollars per day. 

Politicians can sometimes make harsh statements on social media platforms where opinions and thoughts are freely expressed. Social media platforms, on the other hand, sometimes turn a blind eye and sometimes apply various access barriers. Twitter, Facebok, Snapchat, Reddit and Instagram accounts were closed after the expiry of the US Former President Donald Trump’s term of office. Some US citizens claim that the platforms are not neutral on the obstacles they place on politicians. The US state of Florida intervened in this matter.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed an emergency bill that imposes fines on social media platforms that block access and censorship of political candidates’ accounts . According to the law, the platforms will not be able to close the account of any political candidate indefinitely, but can suspend it for up to 14 days.

This law does not completely free all posts on the platforms. In the event of an obvious situation or a post that is definitely considered a crime, a ban order can be applied. If there is no clear case and a controversial ban decision is implemented, the relevant social media platform will be fined $ 250,000 per day for state candidates representing Florida , and $ 25,000 per day for other candidates .

Governor Ron DeSantis says left-wing media and companies supporting left-wing views in the US are trying to suppress dissenting voices. He states that this law was prepared in order not to censor the dissidents.

The decision will be implemented only in Florida, USA for now. This law is the first state law on the content management of platforms.

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