US government agrees to blacklist Xiaomi

The US government has agreed to remove Xiaomi, which was blacklisted during the term of former President Trump, as part of the court decision. An agreement has been reached between the parties. 

According to the information provided by the world’s leading news agencies, the US government has agreed to remove Xiaomi from the “military” black list . It is reported that a mutual agreement has been reached to resolve the issue between the parties .

As you may remember, the Trump administration blacklisted nine Chinese companies , including Xiaomi, last January, and American investors were banned from investing in those companies suspected of having ties to the Chinese military.

The court found Xiaomi right

Arguing that the decision was unfair, Xiaomi took a counter attack and sued the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury  . The federal court where the trial was heard suspended the decision to be blacklisted , calling it ” deeply flawed “. After the parties agree , Xiaomi will be able to receive investment from the USA again . It is worth noting , by the way, that this is not a blacklist that includes Huawei and ZTE .

Many Chinese companies, especially Huawei, are having a hard time due to US sanctions . As a result of the embargoes, Huawei lost the ability to use Google applications and services on its new smartphones . It was also banned from sourcing ingredients from US companies . The fact that the Chinese technology giant took the case to court did not produce any results.

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