United Airlines announces Eco-Skies Alliance to fund sustainable jet fuel generated from garbage

United Airlines introduced the Eco-Skies Alliance, with its global partners to finance aviation fuel derived from garbage in order to steer a more sustainable future in the industry.

United Airlines announced its new environmental program Eco-Skies Alliance. United Airlines, with a total of 11 partners, including Nike and Siemens, will work together this year to finance the use of approximately 13 million liters of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from garbage.

Seeks support from customers

Eco-Skies Alliance partners will make an effort to purchase 13 million liters of SAF by the end of 2021. Biofuel emits 80% less carbon than conventional jet fuel on a life cycle basis. This reduction equates to approximately 31,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions that can occur with passenger transport over 220 million miles.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said he hopes the alliance will create more markets for sustainable aviation fuels. Kirby: “While we have partnered with companies for years to help them balance their flight emissions, we applaud those joining the Eco-Skies Alliance for recognizing the need to go beyond carbon offsets and support SAF-assisted flying. This will result in more affordable supply and ultimately lower emissions. . ” made statements.

In addition to the Eco-Skies Alliance program, United Airlines will offer customers the opportunity to purchase additional SAFs or raise funds for use in initiatives the company believes will help decarbonise aviation.

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