Unexpected failure of Mars helicopter Ingenuity’s fourth flight attempt

An unexpected error occurred on Ingenuity’s fourth flight attempt. The helicopter failed to take off. NASA scientists are currently trying to solve the problem.

The fourth flight attempt of NASA’s famous Mars helicopter Ingenuity failed. The helicopter was scheduled to perform the biggest and toughest test flight ever on Thursday at 17.12, but things did not go as expected. Ingenuity failed to take off during the trial.

Making some statements on the subject, NASA said, “It failed to take off in the fourth ambitious flight of the Mars helicopter. Our team is currently reviewing the data and will try again as soon as possible.” used the expressions.

Although the Ingenuity helicopter had its first flight attempt scheduled earlier this month, some unexpected errors occurred. However, researchers from NASA managed to fix the problems with some software updates, and Ingenuity made its maiden flight on April 19. NASA is now undergoing an intensive work to solve problems in helicopters. Ingenuity is expected to air again very soon.

Ingenuity’s fourth flight trial was expected to travel about 266 meters and reach speeds of 13 kilometers per hour. NASA aims to go further and reach higher speeds in the Ingenuity trials each time. Ingenuity moved 4.3 meters on the second attempt and 100 meters on the third attempt.

Weighing 1.8 kilograms, Ingenuity has to spin its propellers about 10 times faster than a helicopter on Earth (2500 RPM) due to the incredibly thin atmosphere on Mars. NASA thinks that with helicopters like Ingenuity, the exploration process of Mars will accelerate tremendously. In the future, we can see dozens of helicopters fly exploration on Mars based on the technologies used in Ingenuity. 

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