UK-based flying taxi company receives 1,000 pre-orders

The UK-based flying taxi company Vertical Aerospace has received a significant amount of pre-orders from companies including American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

Flying taxis, which we can consider the herald of a new era in the aviation industry, are preparing to enter our daily lives quickly. In this context, important news came from the UK-based Vertical Aerospace.

The company’s electric vertical take-off aircraft (eVTOL), the VA-X4, has received up to 1,000 pre-orders from a group of major companies such as American Airlines. American Airlines has ordered 250 to 350 aircraft, Virgin Atlantic has 50 to 100 orders and aircraft charter company Avolon has 310 orders.

Commercial flights, in 2024

The electrically powered VA-X4 can carry up to four passengers apart from the pilot. The VA-X4, which is the world’s first certified winged and fully electric eVTOL aircraft, is expected to start commercial flights in 2024. 193 km. The maximum speed of the vehicle with a range is determined as 325 km / h.

It is stated that the aircraft, which is stated to be quite quiet, produces up to a hundred times less noise compared to a helicopter. With a wingspan of 15 meters, the Va-X4 has a load capacity of 450 kg.

The company’s CEO, Stepen Fitzpatrick, claims that electric aircraft will mark the 21st century. According to Fitzpatrick, just as jet engines changed the aviation industry 70 years ago, electrification will have the same effect in the 21st century.

You can check out the promotional video of VA-X+ below.

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