UiPath platform became Europe’s largest technology exporter after Spotify

Romanian UiPath, one of the robotic process automation companies; Reaching a total value of 30 billion dollars, it became Europe’s largest technology export after Spotify.

Biggest technology export after Spotify

UiPath is a robotic process automation originating in Romania . This automation known as RPA; It allows the automation of processes with software-based robots. These include logging into applications, connecting to systems, copying data, file transfers, reading and writing databases, extracting data from documents, calculating, and extracting data from the internet.

UiPath firm recently opened to the NYSE stock exchange with a valuation of $ 1.3 billion and its market value increased to $ 30 billion. Thus, it became Europe’s largest technology exporter after Spotify.

RPA systems, which enable people to focus on high value-added businesses by performing basic operations, reached a volume of $ 3 billion last year. The market with names such as Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism is still very small and very suitable for growth. This increases the value of companies.

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