Ubisoft will bring its games back to Steam if Steam Deck is successful


Valve’s new console, Steam Deck, will have a large library with its users free. According to the effect it will have on the market, Ubisoft is considering bringing its games back to Steam.

Although Ubisoft has many quality games, it started to offer players via its own platform, Uplay, by pulling some of its main games from the Steam platform in 2014.

It is known that Ubisoft has released games such as The Division 2, Far Cry 6, and Assassins creed Valhalla in different stores outside of Uplay by making an agreement with the Epic store. The fact that the company has been in contention with Steam about the revenue cut since 2019 also led to Ubisoft’s agreement with other stores.

In the quarterly earnings announcements made by Ubisoft on Tuesday, CEO Yves Guillemot says he is happy with Steam Deck’s entry into the industry and has proven that new devices can be added to the market. At the same time, Steam Decker’s market growth along with show games on the Steam platform could reopen explained. In line with this information, if Steam Deck achieves the expected success, a new handheld console era will be waiting for us. 

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