Two new colors of PlayStation 5 controller DualSense introduced: red and black


Sony’s new generation game console PlayStation 5 is now available in three different colors. Two new colors of the controller have been introduced recently. 

Sony’s next-generation game console PlayStation 5 , as you know, has been on the market for a few months. Unlike the Xbox, the console had only one color option until now . Two new colors were introduced for DualSense in the past hours .

There have been some rumors recently that the two new colors will be introduced soon. These rumors turned out to be true a few hours ago. PlayStation 5’s controller, DualSense, now has three different color options .

Cosmic Red ve Midnight Black

As expected, one of the controllers is black and the other is red. It must be said that both controllers are very stylish. There is no clear release date yet, but it was reported that it will go on sale worldwide in June .

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