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Twitter surpassed $ 1 billion in revenue in the first quarter of the year

Twitter reached 199 million active daily users according to the first quarter financial reports of 2021. Thanks to the pandemic, the company took its place among the applications that increased interest.

Twitter , on the first quarter of 2021 financial results explained. The company, which was positively affected by the pandemic, reported 166 million daily active users in the same period reports last year, and reached 199 million daily in the first quarter of this year, showing a growth of approximately 20% .

‘Growth will slow down’

According to reports released by Twitter, first quarter 2021 revenue was $ 1.04 billion, up 28% compared to the previous year, and net revenue reached $ 68 million. The company also lists its revenue in two different ways, US and international. The US income is 556 million dollars, while the international income is 480 million dollars.

The company’s advertising revenue increased by approximately 30% compared to the same period last year, reaching $ 899 million. Data licensing and other revenues reached $ 137 million, again, up 9% compared to the previous year.

Twitter stated that the increase in users with the pandemic will gradually lose its effect this year and that there will be lower percentage increases for the continuation of 2021. The company predicts that the lowest growth rate will be experienced in the second quarter .

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