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Twitter starts displaying full-size images in the mobile application

Since the first day, Twitter has been cropping the image display on the main page to balance data consumption and to fit the lines of the overall design. The image display that the user has to click to see full size is about to change.

The new feature, which started the tests with a closed user, will provide full-size display of the pictures in the mobile application. If it is a single image shared and it fits the standard aspect ratio, it will be given on the main page without cropping. Thus, the user will not have to click again.

Twitter states that it will continue testing for a while to understand its effect on the general experience. After that, the full image feature is expected to be distributed to all iOS and Android users.

In addition to this feature, the ability of users to upload images in 4K resolution is also being tested. In the Settings-Data Usage section, an option will be presented to turn this feature on.

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