Twitter now allows 4K uploading of images on Android and iOS


One of the social media giants, Twitter has activated the feature of uploading 4K images from Android and iOS applications. Users will now be able to see the images more clearly.

Twitter now allows you to upload and watch 4K images via its Android and iOS mobile apps . Pictures in the news feed will now be clearer.

The web version of the social network supported 4096 × 4096 and images, but mobile apps were limited to a maximum resolution of 2048 × 2048 . Through mobile applications at 4K resolution successfully completed testing and uploading photos and view Twitter in Android and iOS apps, this feature is now officially  offering began.

Made available

To enable the new feature, Twitter in the app Settings menu Data Usage go to the section, and both the “high quality pictures” (To view images as 4K) as well as “high-quality image upload” option to activate required.

In addition, high-resolution images of both cellular networks as well as via Wi-Fi or via Wi-Fi or over only completely closed , you can make it.

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