Twitter is completely blocked in Nigeria!

Days after the threatening tweet by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was removed by Twitter, Twitter has been blocked across Nigeria. People started using VPN.

Recently, Twitter was blocked across the country by the Nigerian Ministry of Culture and Information . According to the Minister’s statement, this happened because the Twitter platform was engaged in activities that could harm Nigeria’s corporate existence. Days before blocking it, Twiiter removed an offensive tweet by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari . 

While it is thought that Nigeria’s policy against Twitter will be related to this removed tweet, it is now undoubtedly very easy to circumvent these bans. Several news reports in Nigeria have already confirmed that people continue to use Twitter over VPN . On the other hand, Buhari announced in his deleted tweet that during the Biafra war , which killed more than 1 million people, the separatists within the country would be punished. 

Against Nigeria’s stance, Amnesty International said that suspending platforms such as Twitter, which are relatively independent and where the public can make their voices heard, would harm the Nigerian people, not Twitter. While nothing else is new for now, the Twitter Public Policy team says it will make Twitter legal again in Nigeria. 

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