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Twitter begins testing the “dislike” button

Some platforms add a dislike button on top of the like button on almost every social media platform. After Youtube comments and Reddit, Twitter can join these platforms too

Some iOS users recently stated that they saw a new option in the Twitter app other than liking, commenting, and retweeting. The new option has the reverse thumbs-up emoji icon. When it happened, users started arguing about the new feature. Twitter also did not hesitate to make a statement on this issue.

The newly added option allows users to dislike replies to tweets. The number of dislikes for tweets can not be viewed by users or the author of the original tweet.

Twitter also stated that the option to dislike will allow Twitter to understand what is important or unimportant in cross-community conversation. It is not clear whether the feature in the testing phase will meet the general user, but for now, it is only available to selected iOS users.

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