TSMC under pressure by the US government to produce more chips for automakers


The chip crisis does not only affect computer hardware. Car manufacturers, like hardware fans, complain that the current supply in the market cannot meet the demand.

In the face of the explosion in demand with the effect of the pandemic, the flurry continues on the supply side. Firms are struggling to produce enough chips.

According to the latest report, TSMC is under pressure by the US government to produce more chips for US automakers .

Gina Raimondo, who is the Secretary of Commerce in the United States , answered the General Motors executive’s question in her speech at the Council of the Americas event last Tuesday .

The US government wants priority

According to the United States of tsmc’y car companies prioritization orders depressed in the direction to work hard running. After the announcement, the response from the TSMC wing was quick.

The Taiwanese manufacturer stated in his statement that he is working with all parties to solve the problem in chip supply, and underlined that the crisis is the common concern of the entire automotive industry .


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