TSMC may move to volume production at 4nm later this year: New Macs on the way

The Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer continues to raise the bar in cutting-edge manufacturing technique. According to the latest report, the company is going to volume production at new nodes soon.

Recently, TSMC users, one of the most popular names in the hardware world, are in a hurry to switch to new production techniques.

TSMC switches to 4 nm

According to the latest report, the technique that covers more than one production process, called the N5 generation, will soon be introduced. Bulky production can be started at the end of this year at the 4 nm step of the N5 generation, which includes N5, N5 + and N4.

According to estimates, Apple will be one of the biggest customers of the N5 node. Apple will prefer the N5P process in its A15 SoC that will power the new generation iPhones. Apple will use the 4 nm node in the new Macs that will be powered by the chips it designed.

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