TSMC increased coronavirus measures, chip crisis could grow

The jump in COVID-19 epidemic figures in Taiwan has brought stringent measures on the agenda. The delay of TSMC, which does not have time to breathe, due to precautions may exacerbate the crisis. 


The coronavirus epidemic has been brought under control, especially in developed countries, with the effect of rapid vaccination. Although Taiwan is very advanced in terms of chip technologies, the lack of vaccine hits the country in the heart. 

TSMC could get into a bottleneck

In the 23 million country that has mobilized and implemented stringent measures since the early days of the pandemic, only 12 people have died due to COVID-19, and the number of cases is below the 2000 limit. However, things have changed this week. 

While the number of new cases in the country has exceeded 700 for the last 5 days, stringent measures have come to the fore again. Some measures are also taken to reduce contact at TSMC production facilities, which are considered the heart of the country . If these measures, which will affect efficiency, do not work, this time closure will be on the agenda. 

According to the statement made by TSMC , face-to-face meetings between staff are prohibited and will continue to work in small groups. While transitions between facilities were restricted, entry to facilities other than approved producers was also prohibited. While the trainings took place from a distance, the recreational facilities were also closed.

TSMC, which has become the export center of the country, deeply affects the world chip supply. At the moment, the only issue that everyone is wondering about will be the course of the epidemic in Taiwan. It seems difficult for the country, which has a very weak hand in vaccination, to make progress in a short time. 

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