TSMC builds the world’s first private water treatment plant

TSMC, whose chip production has been interrupted due to water scarcity, is building a special water treatment facility for the next period. This system, which will be the first in the world, will relax the hand of the company.

The famine in Taiwan is one of the most important causes of the chip crisis that has radically affected the electronics industry. TSMC, which makes chip production largely dependent on water transfer, also faced difficulties due to famine.

Investing in water

Although the importance of investment in chip production has come to the fore constantly recently, investment in water resources, which is the cornerstone, in other words nature is more important than it. Taiwan, with limited water resources, is the biggest example of this.

While TSMC invested billions of dollars for new chip casting belts, it also took action to establish a water filling facility. The company will make a significant investment for the project, which will be the first private water treatment and filling facility built by a company in history.

The treatment plant will start the construction phase in a short time, but it will not have an impact in the short term. It will ensure that TSMC is ready for water shortages that will occur in the next period . Meanwhile, the Taiwan Ministry of Economy flatly denied the rumors that it will shift 28nm production to China due to the troubles.

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