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Tiktok bans the use of cryptocurrencies in their content

According to the news of The Daily Mail, China-based video sharing application Tiktok will no longer allow its users to include cryptocurrencies in their content.

There has been bad news from Tiktok for cryptocurrencies that have faced sanctions recently . According to the news, the famous video sharing application will no longer be able to advertise cryptocurrencies and some financial services . The popular app played a role in the rise of “ meme ” cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin .

In practice, apart from cryptocurrencies , financial services such as forex trading, investments, and credit cards have also been recently revamped. in the content policy prohibited. The new policy, which will be implemented due to concerns about malicious users taking advantage of young and inexperienced investors, plans to prevent users from producing such content.

Zero tolerance will be given to those who break the rules.

made by company to the explanations According to the rules, the videos of users who violate the rules will be automatically deleted. According to the violation, the user’s features such as uploading videos and commenting will be suspended for a while. If the violations continue, the user’s profile will be permanently deleted.

The company stated that these applications will start from next week.

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