Thousands of vulnerabilities found in the most popular Android apps

Having scrutinized more than 3,000 popular Android apps, Synopsys detected thousands of vulnerabilities in those apps that could potentially leak users’ data.

US-based software company Synopsys has detected multiple vulnerabilities in 60% of the most downloaded Android apps. Experts within the company scrutinized 3,335 mobile applications under 18 different categories, from games to financial services.

As a result of the analysis, it was revealed that there were an average of 39 information security problems per application. The company says a total of 3,137 unique vulnerabilities have been discovered, which could lead to leakage of users’ personal data.

Open source code causes the problem

According to Synopsys, the main reason for the vulnerabilities is that developers use pieces of open source code that were written a long time ago but are still in use in their original form. Open source code is often used by developers because it saves time and money.

An overwhelming 94% of detected vulnerabilities can be covered using existing patches. However, for the rest, there is a serious risk as no patch solution is available yet. It should be noted that 46% of the recently discovered vulnerabilities are in the “high risk” group.

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