This laptop has 7 screens


What is happening at Expanscape, the British equipment organization that flaunted the Aurora 7 model PC today with one two three four five six seven screens. Yearning PC gamers may have three screens around their work area, however Expanscape obviously concluded that is woefully deficient. Genuine efficiency requires seven screens, and no less.

The Aurora 7’s screens fan out from its primary board in a really ridiculous design that helps me to remember those mid 1900s airplane with like, 18 wings. The Aurora 7, in any event, looks a smidgen more steady, however I haven’t seen what occurs on the off chance that somebody attempts to get it.

Altogether, it’s pressing four 17.3-inch screens, all 4K, and three more 7-inch screens at 1920×1200. In the photos, those smaller than normal showcases are loaded with information that I’m almost certain eventual difficult to peruse when really utilizing this PC. That is to say, you can’t sit excessively near the screens, or their consolidated gleam would unquestionably liquefy a way the outside of your eyeballs. They appear to be more qualified to unendingly playing gifs or feline recordings on circle.

The Aurora 7 is running on a “vigorously adjusted” PC skeleton with an i9-9900K CPU, a marginally more seasoned model that should by the by be bounty amazing for the work situations imagined here for information researchers or stock brokers. The model is running those presentations off a solitary Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU, which sounds, uh, not exactly sufficient. Seven screens, yet you actually will not have the option to run Crysis on more than one of them.

The Aurora 7 is just a prototype, of course, and apparently not a new one. Expanscape was tweeting about it in early 2020, and has a listing on its website for the v3 model, which will support the AMD 3950X and Intel i9-10900K processors, as well as RTX 20-series GPUs. Who knows if the system will ever go into real production, or what it’ll cost when it’s mass produced.

Most gaming PCs are quite small with regards to battery life, yet the Aurora 7 makes them look like tablets by correlation. It has essential and auxiliary batteries for running the framework and the entirety of its presentations, and one of those batteries is obviously so genuine you can’t take the current model on a plane. On the off chance that you run the framework underclocked, you can get an entire hour of life out of the thing, however wrench that 9900K up to 4GHz and you’re taking a gander at 28 entire minutes of force.

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