The “whitest paint” has been developed, reflecting 98% of sunlight: it can cool well from the air conditioner

Purdue University engineers developed the “whitest paint” that reflects more than 98% of sunlight. According to the researchers, this paint can cool the house better than many modern air conditioners.

Researchers believe this white may be equivalent to Vantablack , the blackest color that absorbs 99.9% of visible light . The ” whitest paint” reflects 98.1% of the light and at the same time removes heat from the surface . White paints available on the market today reflect only 80-90% of sunlight and do not cool the surface .

If you cover a roof of approximately 92 m² with this paint, this will provide a cooling capacity of 10 kilowatts . As the research team points out, this cooling is stronger than most home air conditioners .

Suitable for commercial production

The exceptional whiteness of the paint is due to the high concentration of barium sulphate , which is also used in white photo paper and cosmetics . All barium sulfate particles in the paint are of different sizes. Researchers, a particle of light reflectance capability of the size that depends on particle size and a wider range of paint of the light spectrum to reflect more than just that allow explains.

The whitest paint is the result of research based on efforts in  the 1970s to develop cooling paint as a possible alternative to conventional air conditioners . Its creators state that the barium sulfate paint is durable and suitable for commercial production . A patent application has also been filed for the paint composition .

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