The value of the crypto money market exceeds $ 2 trillion

Interest in cryptocurrencies has increased significantly in recent days. The record came when giant companies bought Bitcoin and giants such as Paypal and Visa started to pay with BTC.

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The total value of the crypto money market has exceeded $ 2 trillion for the first time in history. Today, as a reserve currency, MicroStrategy bought 235 BTC more, with an investment of $ 15 million, and the cryptocurrency market took off and reached an all-time high (ATH).

With the world’s leading corporate companies taking crypto money, especially Bitcoin, on the radar, a new bull run was ignited in the market. Especially with the effect of the statement made by MicroStrategy today, the total value of crypto coins exceeded $ 2 trillion for the first time in history, leaving another important milestone behind.

According to the information we obtained from the cryptocurrency data provider Coingecko, Bitcoin is currently being traded at $ 59,000, Ethereum is traded at $ 2,100 and Ripple at $ 0.82.

Post-record market capitalization of cryptocurrencies surpassed the market value of Saudi Arabian-based oil giant Aramco, reaching the same level as Apple.

The value of the crypto money market had risen to over $ 1 trillion on January 7, 2021, about 3 months ago.

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