The US Army’s next generation night vision goggles illuminate the battlefield with high resolution

The new generation night vision glasses introduced by the US Army offer much sharper images to soldiers with augmented reality support.

Night vision systems, which are an important part of the activities of military units at night, appear with more advanced versions every day with technology. GE has supplied for US ground troops that have been handcrafted Night Visions Enhanced Night Vision Goggles-Binoculars-Binoculars Goggle-ENVG-B) one of them.

ENVG-B, which emerged as a result of the cooperation of the Army with the L3 Warrior Systems company, was developed to provide sharper images compared to the previous generation glasses . The system in which white phosphorus is used has thus prevented the old generation’s “green glow” problem. As you can see from the images below, the high contrast offered by night vision glasses gives you the feeling of being in a Borderlands style game prepared with cel shading technique.

The equipment, which has augmented reality support, also offers a compass to the soldiers. In this way, the personnel do not need to take off their glasses to determine the direction with the compass.

Another impressive feature of ENVG-B is that it has wireless connectivity. What makes this feature unique is that the ENVG-B can be matched with a piece of equipment from the Independent Weapon Sight family, which also offers wireless connectivity. In this way, the personnel who do not have to aim with the gun binoculars can see the binocular sight with night vision goggles. The method that allows the enemy to fire while the personnel are in the trench, thus keeping the soldiers safe.  

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