The renewed version of the popular game Crysis 2 seems to come

There is something about the second game of Crytek’s popular production Crysis series, which is especially popular in our country. Rumors are that a revamped version of the second game is coming. 

An interesting post was made on the Twitter account of Crysis , the popular action FPS game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Crytek .

Crysis 2 May Come Remastered

An interesting post was made recently on the official Twitter account of Crysis. The post says “They used to call me Prophet. ” As you know Prophet, the name of the character in the game, but what makes us think that it is related to the second game is that this sentence is used at the beginning of the second game .

Of course, this is not a substitute for an official announcement , it may be a casual post, but it must be said that this is unlikely. Previous leaked documents contained some documentation regarding the remastered version of the second game . The remaster version of the first game was also released last year. You can find the aforementioned post below.

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