The release period of Marvel’s animated series What If…? Has been announced.


The release period of Marvel’s animated series for Disney Plus, What If…? You can find the details in our news. 

As you know, Disney built a cinematic universe for Marvel and expanded it with TV series. Although Disney has not had much of a project outside of the main universe so far  What If…? It will also touch on different stories with the animated series named .

Entertainment Weekly recently aired “Summer TV Series” episode  What If…? series was also included. It was normally known that What If…? Would be published in 2021, but the publication date was unknown. Although a clear date has not been announced, they added that the series will be published in August 2021 . Marvel doesn’t reveal the release date until the last few weeks, anyway. So we can imagine it will come in August.

What If…? As the name suggests, the animation will offer us different and entertaining alternatives to the scenarios we know . For example; Like Captain America being a zombie or T’Challa being Star Lord . It seems that these scenarios will not be connected with the main universe and the stories will end in one episode .

What If…? Fragment

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