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The release date of Ryzen Threadripper processors with Zen 3 architecture revealed

Although AMD has updated its desktop and mobile processor wing with the Zen 3 architecture, there is still no audio seda from the Ryzen Threadripper family developed for workstations.

While gamers complain about not being able to find Ryzen 5000 processors at the MSRP level, for users who need high performance, the new Ryzen Threadrippers are not even seen on the horizon.

So much so that Ryzen Threadripper processors with Zen 2 architecture, which were introduced to the retail market last month, were put on the market in July 2020. Therefore, 16 months have already passed over the previous generation models offered to the end user market.

Unlike the Ryzen 5000, which started to take its place on the shelves last November, there are some leaks, although the reason behind the delay of Ryzen Threadripper chips with Zen 3 architecture is not officially explained.

Allegedly, the new Ryzen Threadripper models at the early engineering level cannot provide as many generational performance gains as desktop chips. On the other hand, motherboard manufacturers have not yet been able to acquire ES chips, even AGESA software.

4th generation Ryzen Threadripper processor family

According to the last post of a Twitter user who is known for his shares, Ryzen Threadripper processors with Zen 3 architecture, which are expected to continue to the TRX40 socket, will be with us next August.

However, the latest version of the popular system information tool HWinfo has improved detection of the next generation Ryzen Threadripper, suggesting that we are not that far from new chips.

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