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The quality of photos taken from Instagram will increase with Android 12

With the new version of the Android operating system, Android 12, the quality of videos and photos taken through third-party applications such as Instagram will increase.

Google made a significant change in the camera API with the Android 12 DP3 version it released recently . thus Android 12 With the first signals that a restriction suffered by both Android users and application developers will be lifted.

Applications will be able to use the real power of the camera

Although Android phone manufacturers include good camera features on their devices , third-party applications such as Instagram have limited access to these features . Because Google does not allow anyone other than device manufacturers to access Android’s camera library, third-party applications cannot use software features such as HDR, portrait and night mode that manufacturers add to the cameras.

This situation will end with an update to the Camera2 API to be made on Android 12. Thus, it will be easier for application developers to access the camera and third-party applications will be able to benefit from all the features of the camera. However, device manufacturers also need to support this. With photos taken from Android phones’ own camera app, if all goes well Instagram:It is possible to say that the quality scissors between photos taken through third party applications such as third party applications will shrink .

Android 12 will be announced at the Google I / O 2021 event, which will be held on May 18. Its final version is expected to be released in September. 

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