The partnership between Netflix and PlayStation may begin: PS products appeared in the code of the Netflix application


Images from PlayStation products appeared in the Netflix application codes, which announced that it will enter the game world and that the first game will be published in 2022.

As you know, Netflix was looking for experienced staff in the gaming industry in the past months, and it was announced that they had officially entered the gaming industry recently. It has even been announced that the first games will be published in 2022. But now another exciting claim has emerged.

Partnership Might Come From PlayStation and Sony

In the past days, images of PlayStation products have appeared in the codes of the Netflix application. One of the images is the PS5 controller DualSense, the second is artwork from Ghost of Tsushima, the third is a logo that says N Games, and the last is a shark icon.

According to data miner Steve Moser‘s claim, the name Shark is currently the working name of Netflix’s game projects. It is an indication that there will be a partnership between the two companies in finding images from PlayStation. According to Steve Moser, PlayStation games will somehow be available on Netflix.

In the past months, Netflix and Sony signed an agreement for Sony’s movies. In line with this agreement, Sony movies would come to Netflix when they left the vision. This earlier deal could be the first part of a larger deal by Netflix and Sony. Official news will come out in the future, but it’s hard not to get excited about such an agreement.


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