The Nevers, the sci-fi series set in the Victorian Era, became the most watched series of HBO Max.

Warner Media’s new video streaming platform HBO Max’s new original series broke a record and became the platform’s most-watched original series. You can find the details in our news.

One of the newest video streaming platforms, HBO Max’s latest original series, The Nevers, has achieved a great success for the platform.

Announced in 2018, The Nevers aired on April 11 on HBO Max. According to Deadline’s report, the series reached 1.4 million viewers in its premiere and became the most watched original series of the platform. The Nevers; He took first place by passing the TV series Lovecraft Country and The Undoing.

The Nevers series takes place in England in the 19th century, in the Victorian Era, and is also a science fiction series. The Nevers focuses on a group of unusually gifted women in the Victorian Era. This group called Touched will find themselves on a mission where they will fight ruthless enemies and change the world.

The cast of the series includes Elizabeth Berrington, Ben Chaplin, Brett Curtis, Anna Devlin, Laura Donnelly, Martyn Ford, Tom Riley and Nick Frost. The title at the beginning of the series is Philippa Goslett.

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