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The man who trashed $378 million worth of Bitcoin will search the trash for 12 months

In 2013, a man named James Howells threw away a hard drive containing $378 million worth of Bitcoin. Howells will implement a 12-month garbage search plan to find his lost fortune.

South Wales ‘ Best Newport living in the IT employee James Howells in 2013, he accidentally threw away the hard disk for a year plans to search the landfill. According to The Sun newspaper, Howells has made a £55m offer to the local government for permission to search its £275m (approximately $378m) hard drive amongst 400 tons of rubbish in a 200 square meter area.

Howells, who has been chasing his fortune since 2013, will make use of artificial intelligence- supported technologies and X-ray scanners in his new plan . Howells said he has been in touch with some of the world’s top data recovery experts to recover data from the drive. He also claims that the financial backing needed to make the plan happen came from an equity fund that plans to claim a substantial share of the wealth .

Howells requested financial assistance from the municipality several times; however, it did not receive a positive response as the disc was not guaranteed to be found.

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