The highly anticipated new Nintendo Switch model “OLED Model” has been announced and its price has been announced


The OLED Model, the new model of the Nintendo Switch, which has been rumored for a while, has been officially announced. Here are all the features and price of the OLED Model!

Nintendo Switch OLED Model, the new model of Nintendo Switch , which is easily among the most successful consoles of Nintendo, has been officially announced. 

The announced new OLED Model, unfortunately, does not contain some of the rumored features. Especially DLSS was expected to be on this device, but Nintendo’s opinion on this issue seems to be different or the rumors are just lies. However, as the name suggests, OLED display rumors have been confirmed.

The new model of the console will be released on October 8, 2021 . In addition to the white color, it will also have a classic neon red and neon blue color model. However, it must be said that it is white that draws attention. The console’s price is $349.99, as expected. Unfortunately, it is not clear what the price will be in our country. You can find all the features of the new console below.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Features

In the new model, a 7-inch Oled display , a large and adjustable stand , wired LAN port , enhanced audio and  64 GB internal memory will be waiting for us. You can also use the console in  three different modes :

  • TV mode: Place the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) console in the dock to play Nintendo Switch games on the TV. Users can enjoy another way to connect online in TV mode using the built-in wired LAN port.
  • Desktop mode: Flip the stand on the back of the console and use the console’s display to play multiplayer games right out of the box using the two included Joy-Con controllers. The wide adjustable stand creates a solid foundation. It also allows gamers to tilt the console freely with more range in viewing angle so they can see the screen more easily.
  • Handheld mode:  Users can take the console wherever they go in handheld mode and play local or online multiplayer with friends. The 7-inch OLED display provides vivid colors and high contrast.

All previously released Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch are compatible with this new model. Additionally, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is compatible with the full library of Nintendo Switch games

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